About me

Maria Böhm

When I came across Tibetan Pulsing in 2006 I had already gathered years of expertise in various methods of working with body and energies, psychotherapeutic methods, and meditation as well as self-awareness.     

In Tibetan Pulsing I finally found a gently harmonizing method that induces fundamental changes in the mind through deep relaxation.     

Professional Training:    

Natural Health Practitioner of Psychotherapy



                 body oriented psychotherapy and energy work:



  • Tibetan Pulsing - working with body and energies
  • Essence Training – working with Chakra energies
  • Experienced in SKAN body therapy, one-on-one as well as groups
  • Sälrig Hospice Training
  • Member of ambulatory Hospizdienst "Lebensbogen e.V." Tibethaus Deutschland, Frankfurt
  • Meditation and Tsa Lung Practice - Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
  • Sonoterapia - Sound Therapy according to Román García Lampaya and Rafa Monsonis