The Common Pulse - gateway to quiescence

Tibetan Pulsing

In my work my main emphasis lies on Tibetan Pulsing, originating in ancient Tibetan forms of working with the body, using the pulse to access the inner being. This healing method is holistic, supporting each physical and psychological healing process. It mobilizes self-regulating-forces and is balancing body, mind, and soul through deep relaxation.   


Being a dynamic as well as meditative method of working with the body Pulsing impacts various levels within the nervous system. Soft touch on particular points induces a flow of energy, stimulating emotions and thoughts. Meditative presence and connection of pulse generate energetic alignment. Negative past experiences stored in the body can transform into a sense of well-being, and healing can take place.      

To know and love oneself is like coming home.  

Realizing this can dissolve energetic blocks. We enter deep relaxation and peace and the quiescence of being becomes tangible. Profound processes of self-discovery and self-awareness begin to unfold. Clarity is arising, new opportunities are beginning to dawn.  

Aliveness, joy, and relating to the inner self are possible now. We discover a welcoming attitude towards ourselves and life as such. This experience is deeply touching and fulfilling.   

Tibetan Pulsing

can be supportive while undergoing stress, burnout, sleep disorders, and anxiety disorders.

This method is especially fit to tackle disorders of the female organs like period pains, myoma, ovarian cysts, difficulties through menopause. Tensions of the female organs can be transformed into fulfilling life force.

             Pulsing is suitable for men            and women alike.