Working with body energies

energetic healings

Every body bares its very own touching history.

All of our lives experiences are stored in our physical bodies and have an impact on our ways of expression as well as our attitude towards life. These patterns, which we are usually unaware of, are confining our potentials and life force. They often lead to problems on the emotional and psychological level and to psychosomatic disorders.

Working with the energies of our physical body is supporting processes of healing and self-discovery and helps us to detect and dissolve old patterns and configurations wich sever us from our life force.  

This method of working with body energies ist suitable for all those wishing to reintegrate and find access to their original energy resources. It can be supportive during times of crisis, change, and separations. If we are undergoing stress or lose our vitality it can reinforce our strength and help maintain as well as restore our health.    

Tibetan Pulsing

Besides conversational therapy I am mainly using the method of Tibetan Pulsing, a holistic form of working with the body energies, which originates in the wisdom traditions of Tibetan monasteries.